Urug collections acts as a mediator in cases of commercial disputes between you and your local business partner. Our objective is to solve disputes without harming the long term business relations.

The aim of the mediation process is to arrange an agreement between us and the debtor, to which both parties comply. Since try to use this method, the debtor has will either have avoided or refused payment, we often use this opportunity to attempt to create a fair payment plan, so that the debt can be settled without having to resort to litigation. We will, however, make sure that we do not allow the debtor to draw ourselves into an agreement which would not be beneficial to yourselves.

We would also always consult with you, our client, as to whether any agreement which we may reached would be acceptable to you.
The benefit of using our debt mediation service in an attempt to try to negotiate with your debtor, (a service often over-looked by other Debt Collection Agencies), is that it gives an opportunity for us to settle your debts without having to progress to litigation, meaning reduced costs for all parties. It can also mean that the debt has a greater chance of being settled more quickly, less formally and with less stress to you, our client.